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The NYPD Declares War...
( - Recent targeted attacks on police officers in New York have been labeled as “assassination attempts” by Mayor DeBlasio.  The Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), a New York Police Department (NYPD) union, blasted the mayor on Twitter last Monday, February 10. In the Tweet, the SBA declared war on DeBlasio —...
Chinese Military Hackers Indicted
( - Four Chinese military hackers have been indicted by the United States for one of the largest data breaches in history. In 2017, hackers breached the credit rating company, Equifax, and stole personal information from over 147 million Americans. The information swiped included client information like names and addresses, as...



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Invisibility Cloaks: From Science Fiction to Science Fact
From Harry Potter to Star Trek’s Bird of Prey, invisibility has always been a fearsome weapon in science fiction and fantasy. The reason it’s so powerful is that it’s impossible. You can’t make something invisible, and if you could it would be a terrifying adversary, able to strike in...
Michigan Mother Missing After Shootout
We have a disturbing story to share with you from North Michigan. Adrienne Quintal, a 47-year-old mother, is missing after an apparent shootout with two assailants. Quintal has not been seen since the assault, though her shoes and cellphone were found on the roof of the cabin where the incident played...

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Is it a comet, an asteroid... or an alien probe? While this isn’t new, it has been quite overlooked by the media. The object, spotted in 2017, was dubbed “Oumuamua” and thought by Harvard scientists to be an alien probe rather than an asteroid or comet because of its...