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How to Stay Cool When The Power Goes Out

Don't Get COOKED When the Power Goes OUT ( - Once upon a time (not so long ago), air conditioning didn’t exist. People were forced to...

Prepare Now: Keep Rioters OUT

When RIOTING Starts Do This to Keep Them OUT! (Modern - Civil unrest has become a big problem in America over the past couple...

Disaster Strikes: Places to Avoid

5 Places You Should NEVER GO During an Emergency ( - Disaster can strike in any number of ways, from natural events such as earthquakes...


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Low Budget Perimeter Alarm

Don't let Anyone Sneak Up On You - Try This! ( - For some, mentioning perimeter alarms conjures up images of laser tripwires and deadly...

What Is the Best Target to Kick in a Fight?

( - Fights in the real world are rarely anything like what Hollywood puts on the silver screen. Real fights aren’t choreographed or pretty....

Your Defensive Instincts Could Get You Hurt

( - Self-defense is incredibly important, especially given the state of the world today. Knowing how to properly fend off an attacker, be it...

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Emergency Food Supplier Runs Out of Supplies

( - The global supply chain has been hit hard since the initial onslaught of the coronavirus. Shelves have gone empty, and recently, the...