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Coronavirus Reveals America's True Colors
( - The American spirit is legendary. It brought the nation through two World Wars, The Great Depression and The Spanish Influenza. Now it’s on display against the threat of the coronavirus. People around the nation are uniting to support one another in taking the fight to COVID-19. From firefighters...
Coronavirus Leads to Shocking Decisions
( - With COVID-19 running rampant through communities all over the globe, leaders and officials are being forced to make difficult decisions. Some of them may only serve to make matters worse... One such tough decision is to release inmates to slow the transmission of the virus through jails. The...



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Surviving a Moose Attack
( - Many people mistakenly believe Moose are gentle animals that can be walked up to and petted, especially since they are not afraid of humans. Moose are beautiful animals that are generally not aggressive, but any wild animal can become dangerous when provoked. Moose can be very territorial, and...
What Is the Best Target to Kick in a Fight?
( - Fights in the real world are rarely anything like what you see in the movies: they aren’t choreographed, they aren’t pretty, and they’re generally brutal. If you ever find yourself in a real fight, you want to end it as quickly as you can to preserve your...

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Yesterday, we told you about the Supreme Court Case involving New York City gun laws. Today, we reflect on how citizens handled this case, which is to say… poorly. The NRA sent their social media team out to see what protestors had to say. As our fellow citizens railed against...