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Improvising Survival Weapons

( - In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster, the need for protection will skyrocket. Looters will be rampant, and people with nefarious intentions...

Make a Fire By Rubbing Sticks

(Modern - Most people know that you can create fire by rubbing sticks together, but very few know how to do it. It...

New Federal Office Primed to Tackle UFO Phenomenon

( - The National Intelligence Agency has teamed up with the Department of Defense to propose the creation of a new government agency. The...


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Prepare Now: Keep Rioters OUT

(Modern - Civil unrest has become a big problem in America. According to some estimates, the cost of property damage from the rioting...

Rival Protest Groups Violently Clash

( - Violent clashes between extremist groups seem to be spiraling out of control in America. Far-left Antifa and BLM have engaged in open...

Six Men Invade Home, Violently Attack Residents

( - Six men have been arrested in Longwood, Florida, by local law enforcement after a violent home invasion. According to the victims, the...

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Medieval Terror Resurfacing in China?

(Modern - Everyone loves a good comeback story, this one, however — not so much. While modern medicine can quickly halt the spread...