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Astrological Mystery Astounds Scientists
(Modern - Space is both astonishing and frightening; we’ve learned so much about it, and yet there is still so much to learn. The vastness of space and the inner workings of nature make this task challenging to say the least. We know quite a bit about the life...
CA Woman Gets Unpleasant Lesson on Wildlife
(Modern - It’s fair to say most people are taught at a young age to be careful around wild animals. They’re unpredictable and can be very dangerous, especially if they feel threatened in any way. This person must not have gotten the memo. A 72-year-old woman was attacked by...



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Discreet Self Defense Tools for EDC
(Modern - What item is the most commonly used everyday carry (ECD) self-defense tool? Flashlight Pen Umbrella Magazine Answer: #1 Flashlight Flashlights are severely underestimated self-defense tools. Not only can they allow you to see in low light situations, but they double as a weapon. They can be carried just...
How to Survive an Encounter With a Bear
(Modern - What is the first action you should take if you encounter a bear in the wild? Run for your life Play dead Attack Identify the bear Answer: Identify the Bear The first thing you should do when you come into contact with a bear is to identify what...

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CDC Updates COVID Information
(Modern - COVID-19 has unfortunately become a household name. With the situation changing rapidly and often, the CDC has to update its information regularly to keep Americans informed. In this case, the new information is almost a complete reversal of what was shared with Americans early on in...