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Are You Really Prepared for Winter Driving?
It looks like Narnia outside, which is great if you don’t have to go anywhere and get to just relax with a hot cocoa, but it may not be so great if you have to drive in it. Think you’re ready for the winter roads? Check out this scenario...
Penn State Aims for Alien Research Grad Program
It started with an assignment but isn’t likely to end there. When Jason Wright, professor of astrophysics at Penn State, gave his students an assignment in 2018, he probably wasn’t planning on launching a new grad program. In an experimental class, Wright had asked his students to make a...



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What You Should Know About ‘Fatal Funnels’
In firearms training, which of these is considered to be a “fatal funnel” area? • Hallway • Doorway • Stairwell • All of the Above Answer: All of the Above In firearms training, hallways, doorways, and stairwells are all considered to be a “fatal funnel” areas. Here’s why… A “fatal funnel” is a term widely used...
Zore X Gun Lock
Whatever your political stance is on the 2nd Amendment, the one thing both sides of the isle should have in common is gun safety. I wanted to talk about a product that’s getting great reviews as well as promoting responsible gun ownership. ZØRE X’s revolutionary electro mechanical dial is designed...

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The Truth Behind Drug Expiration Dates
Your prescribed medication has expired. Is it still safe to take? • Yes • No • Emergencies only • Pill form only Answer: Yes Yes, taking expired prescribed medication is still safe to use. Here’s why... It turns out that the expiration dates on drugs and medications do have a purpose but it’s not what you...