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Fight an Infection Naturally

( - In modern times, fighting an infection usually comes in the form of prescription antibiotics. While these modern medicines are great, those with...

Why You Should Stop Wearing Shoes In Your Home

( - Many cultures around the world have a practice of removing their shoes when entering a home. While this habit might seem strange...

How To Survive A Falling Elevator

( - Every day, millions of people use elevators to travel up and down through high rises, hospitals and office buildings. While an elevator’s...


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How to Prepare Your Family Against a Home Invasion

( - Home invasions most often occur when everyone is out of the house. That said, there are instances in which a burglar breaks...

Everyday Carry For Self Defense

( - Violent crime has always been a serious threat to personal safety. In bygone times, warriors used swords and axes to defend against...

FBI Reports Largest Increase of Homicides on Record

( - Since 1930, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has used the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program to gather information to formulate statistics....

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Rioters Unleash Extreme Weapons

(Modern - The US has seen months of protests and riots. While some remain peaceful, as they should, many have erupted into riots...