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Are You Really Prepared for Winter Driving?

( - When the world outside begins to look like Narnia or the North Pole, one may want to curl up under a blanket...

Underwater Volcano Puts World On Notice

( - On Saturday, January 15, 2022, the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano in the South Pacific erupted beneath the waves. The explosion was so...

U.S. Army Getting Futuristic Upgrade

( - As technology advances, weapons of war become more and more akin to something one would expect to see in a science fiction...


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Armed Homeowner Holds Burglar Hostage

( - As crime continues to soar across America, the seemingly never-ending cases of violence and robbery can become disheartening. In fact, after a...

How to Prepare Your Family Against a Home Invasion

( - Home invasions most often occur when everyone is out of the house. That said, there are instances in which a burglar breaks...

Heroic Man Ends Shooting Before It Begins

( - Often, the difference between life and death in a survival situation depends on split-second decisions. Taking too long to decide on a...

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Guerrilla Warfare Coming to America?

(Modern - Guerrilla warfare is essentially using your environment while in small groups to quickly attack and blend back into your surroundings. It’s...