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Modern Survival is a community of individuals who strive to be prepared for whatever disaster may come in everyday life.

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How to Grow Your Home’s Defenses, Literally

#1 Home Defense Trick NO ONE Will Ever Suspect! ( - Fortifying your home is an essential step on the path to survival. Be it...

Your Computer Crashed and You Never Backed Up Your Data…Now What?

Computer CRASH --- All Might Not Be Lost... ( – Few circumstances make a person feel more helpless and out of control than a devastating,...

Reasons to Prep… Even if Nothing Ever Happens

4 Reasons EVERYONE Should Prep - Even If Nothing Ever Happens! (Modern - For people who don’t understand prepping, it all seems like a...


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What is a ‘Mamad,’ And Why You May Want One

Government MANDATED Prepping - It's REAL Here ( - For many years, Americans were taught to hide under their desks or tables when bomb sirens...

Everyday Carry For Self Defense

Could You Defend Yourself With What Is in Your Pockets? ( - Violent crime has always been a serious threat to personal safety. In bygone...

Face a Feral Boar and Survive

7 Ways to SURVIVE These Dangerous Wild BEASTS ( - Feral boars have become quite the problem across the globe, destroying crops and even moving...

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Rising Crime Forces Executives to Issue “Dress Down” Orders

( - It’s not a big secret that crime is spiraling out of control in America. With robberies becoming more frequent and organized and...