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Modern Survival is a community of individuals who strive to be prepared for whatever disaster may come in everyday life.

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How to Survive an Avalanche

Winter Wonderland CATASTROPHE - How to Protect Yourself! ( - The winter months bring shimmering snow and ice to much of the country. Many people...

How To Choose The Right Clothing For Survival

Your Clothing Could GET YOU KILLED - Dead Serious (Modern - Each day when you venture out into the world, your first line of...

DIY Emergency Quarantine Room

Outbreak CONTROL - How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic ( - Should a truly horrific pandemic grip the globe, one in which tens of...


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How to Survive an Active Shooter Scenario

Active Shooter: How to Survive When Bullets Are Flying ( - No one expects to be in a situation where an armed gunman is attempting...

Improvising Survival Weapons

Self Defense Using an ALTOIDS TIN?!? ( - In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster, the need for protection will skyrocket. Looters will be rampant,...

Prepare Now: Keep Rioters OUT

When RIOTS Begin, Do This to Keep Them OUT! (Modern - Civil unrest could arguably erupt at any moment. The nation is bitterly divided...

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NYC Makes Bizarre Move in Landmark Case

Monday, the Supreme Court was all set to hear a case that could alter the future of gun control, a topic they’ve avoided in...