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CDC Posts New COVID Death Rate Estimate
(Modern - In the early stages of the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 3.4 percent of coronavirus cases would be fatal. Borders were closed, the economy was shut down, and travel was restricted... all to help combat the virus. But the CDC’s latest numbers tell...
It's Back! Two Month COVID Closure is Over...
(Modern - New York is among a number of controversial states that have elected to stay under a lockdown. However, Governor Cuomo recently stated that some businesses will be opening up soon. He even re-opened the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on a limited basis. Like many businesses in...



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Surviving a Moose Attack
( - Many people mistakenly believe Moose are gentle animals that can be walked up to and petted, especially since they are not afraid of humans. Moose are beautiful animals that are generally not aggressive, but any wild animal can become dangerous when provoked. Moose can be very territorial, and...
What Is the Best Target to Kick in a Fight?
( - Fights in the real world are rarely anything like what you see in the movies: they aren’t choreographed, they aren’t pretty, and they’re generally brutal. If you ever find yourself in a real fight, you want to end it as quickly as you can to preserve your...

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( - Many countries are under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, with varying degrees of enforcement. But some countries are taking the situation to a whole other level. Despite the lockdown in the Philippines, residents took to the streets in protest of their conditions, most notably a lack of...