Basic Firearm Safety Rules Everyone Should Know


( – With so many examples of poor firearm safety in the news, now is a good time to cover some basic safety rules for firearms. In the following video from Brownells, Inc., Jeff Gonzales from Trident Concepts outlines four important gun safety rules:

  • All guns are always loaded. Even if you know for certain that a firearm isn’t loaded, it should still be treated as if it is. This habit will teach you to treat the gun with respect and get used to handling it safely.
  • Muzzle discipline. The muzzle of the firearm should always be pointed in a safe direction. A safe direction is anywhere a shot fired will cause little to no property damage and no risk of injury or death to a person.
  • Trigger discipline. Until you are ready to fire, your trigger finger should always be in the home position — between the top of the firearm (slide) and the bottom (frame). Any time the firearm is being handled or carried, the trigger finger should be there.
    When you’re ready to fire — meaning you have identified a target, moved your gun into position, and aimed — your trigger finger will move from the home position to the trigger.
  • Know your target. If you are going to fire on a target, be sure you have identified it and anything behind it. If you intend to use lethal force in self-defense, be sure you know exactly what the threat is before pulling the trigger. Ultimately, you’re responsible for every round fired — and everything they hit.

By practicing basic firearm safety, not only do we keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, we also set an example for other gun owners on how to be responsible and respectful.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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