Is it Legal to Shoot a Sasquatch?


( – The elusive Sasquatch, commonly referred to as Bigfoot, has been a subject of controversy and speculation for decades. To some, the idea of a giant man-ape wandering through the woods is sheer nonsense. To others, especially those who claim to have encountered the mysterious cryptid, Sasquatch is very real.

But what would happen if a hunter encountered one of these creatures and decided to shoot it? Would there be any legal consequences for doing so?

Check Before You Shoot

In short, yes: there could be severe legal consequences for shooting a sasquatch — depending on where it is shot. Some states have sweeping laws which make shooting any animal that has not been approved by the state government highly illegal.

In Washington, where the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage was recorded in 1967, laws specifically protect Sasquatch. Shooting a Bigfoot here could lead to hefty fines and time behind bars.

No Worries Here…

While Washington may have laws prohibiting the killing of a sasquatch, other states have a more lenient take on the issue. In Texas, it is entirely legal to hunt and kill a Bigfoot. Granted, one has to actually find the legendary beast first.

While the majority of Bigfoot sightings occur in Northern states, there are multiple reports from Texas, Oklahoma, and even Florida (where it has been given the nickname “skunk ape”). In fact, one Oklahoma lawmaker went so far as to propose a bill calling for a Bigfoot hunting season in 2021.

While plenty of hoaxes have been perpetrated by pranksters, dressing up in an ape suit in the wild isn’t a very good idea. At least one person has been killed while attempting to carry out a Bigfoot hoax, and there is a good chance a hunter could mistake someone for a bear (or a Bigfoot) and open fire.

The debate continues to rage on as to whether the Sasquatch is an actual flesh-and-blood animal or just another myth. While it may seem outlandish to believe a giant cryptid is still wandering around the unexplored areas of the world, it isn’t completely unheard of. In fact, Gorillas were once thought of this way until they were officially identified. Now, everyone knows about gorillas. Perhaps one day, it will be the same for Bigfoot.

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