Self-Defense Techniques Anyone Can Use

Self-Defense Techniques Anyone Can Use

( – While it is always good to avoid a fight if possible, sometimes an aggressor just refuses to be talked down. They could be drunk, under the influence of mind-altering narcotics, or simply having a bad day and looking to take it out on someone. Regardless of why the person is attacking, knowing some basic self-defense moves will go a long way toward staying safe in this situation.

Ground and Pound

While many people think that a fistfight is two people pounding away at each other like professional boxers until one is unconscious, that is rarely the case. Anyone who has been in a real fight, or even watched one, knows that they rarely end with the opponents standing.

More often than not, fights end with both combatants on the ground in a wrestling match of sorts. Since most fights end up on the ground eventually, it’s a good idea to be the one in control of the fight’s progression.

In the following video, Green Beret Zee provides a couple of examples showing how anyone can grapple, take down, and control an opponent:

As Zee explains in the video, the key to controlling an average opponent is to get hold of their hips. Once control has been established over the hips, the rest of the body follows.

Take Them Down

The first takedown Zee demonstrates is how to take an opponent down from the side. To do this, one must first grapple face-to-face with their opponent, then wrap their arms around the torso. From this point, one swivels around to the side of the adversary, under their arm, so their hip is pressing against the abdomen. Next, lean all of your body weight on the foe’s hips to drive them to the ground.

Control The Opponent

Once on the ground, it’s important to keep them there. The first takedown will have them on their hands and knees — or the “table” position, as Zee calls it — which is an easy position to rise from. Again, this is where using body weight is key. Lay across the opponent’s back to make it harder for them to get up.

Since the goal is to keep them on the ground, it’s vital to break the legs of the table, so to speak. This can be accomplished by pulling on the ankle, should they attempt to plant a foot, or reaching underneath their body to tug an arm out from under them. Without both arms or legs stable beneath them, the opponent will be in a weak position and prone to strikes (if necessary).

It’s always best to avoid a conflict if possible, but it’s equally important to know how to defend oneself should the need arise. Of course, there is also the possibility of having a fight break out nearby, which comes with a whole different set of problems. For information on what to do when a fight starts near you, check out our article here.

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