How to Secure Your Home Without Electronic Devices

How to Secure Your Home Without Electronic Devices

Which Method is the Safest for Securing Your Home When Electricity Fails?

  • Fencing
  • Barred Windows
  • Guard Dogs
  • TEST
  • Cameras

Answer: Fencing

The correct answer is fencing. A fence running all the way around your property can effectively keep people out without the use of electricity — provided that you implement it properly. Skip materials like wood and plastic; these tend to be flimsy and a crafty criminal can remove them or break them with ease. Steel and cast iron are a far better choice, with the latter being available in stylish designs, too. Aim for a fence that’s at least 12’ tall with approximately half the height placed underground. This can effectively prevent tunneling, both by animals and stubborn humans.

Guard dogs, battery-operated cameras, and bars on windows can sometimes work, but they aren’t as reliable and often come with their own potential side effects. For example, bars can increase the risk for harm if you get stuck inside during a fire, while dogs can escape or otherwise fail to react to intruders.