How to Secure Your Home Without Electronic Devices


(Modern – Which Method is the Safest for Securing Your Home When Electricity Fails?

  • Fencing
  • Barred Windows
  • Guard Dogs
  • Cameras

Answer: Fencing. Here’s why…

Throughout all recorded history, keeping the home safe from burglars and violent invaders has been a concern for people worldwide. In modern times, fancy security systems have helped the average homeowner defend their property.

But what happens when the power goes out, and all those security cameras and alarms go offline? The house is open for invasion.

Keep the Hordes Out

The first — and best — line of defense when the power goes out is to have a fence surrounding the property. When built properly, a solid fence can keep intruders at bay.

A good security fence may not be what most people think. The standard wooden or plastic fences in backyards across the country won’t slow down a determined criminal. Not only can these fences be broken easily, but they can also hide the activities of a would-be burglar from neighbors.

The best materials for a security fence are steel or cast iron. These materials are hard to break through, and they still allow visibility into the property in most cases. For extra security, install fencing that is hard to climb. Taller fences, or those with pointed spikes at the top, will make would-be intruders second-guess attempting to scale the walls.

For another layer of protection, the fence can be partially buried underground. This will prevent animals and people from tunneling beneath it to access the property beyond.

The downside to installing this fencing is that it can be rather costly. Thankfully, there are other, more natural ways to keep unwanted guests out. Check out our article on growing home defenses to see what these are.

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