How to Safely Hand Over a Firearm

How to Safely Hand Over a Firearm

( – Safety is the most important aspect of owning and especially handling a firearm. Unfortunately, many people who handle guns have never taken a single course on proper conduct when holding or passing one. While it seems obvious to keep the barrel of a gun pointed in a safe direction at all times, the correct way to pass a firearm from one person to another is more complex.

To explain exactly how to safely hand over a firearm, Tim Walling has provided the following instructional video:

As Tim explains, a firearm should be emptied of all ammunition prior to being handed to another person. Begin by removing the magazine from the firearm, then slide lock the upper receiver to check the chamber.

Once the firearm has been visually verified to be empty, it is safe to pass it to the other individual. Make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction the entire time. Leave the gun slide locked open, and hand it butt-first. The person receiving the firearm can then place a firing grip on the piece, then confirm it is unloaded themselves.

For a revolver, open the cylinder and eject the ammunition. Visually confirm each chamber of the cylinder is unloaded, then pass the firearm. Again, this should be passed butt-first with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Make certain the cylinder is open throughout the whole process.

It is important to never hand a loaded firearm to another person. Taking the time to unload a gun, and verify it is, in fact, unloaded, can prevent an accidental discharge.

Anyone who handles firearms should have a “safety first” mindset when it comes to guns. This includes times when handling guns and even when the guns are in storage. To see more about secure ways to store firearms, check out our article on how to store guns safely.

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