Visualizing for Survival

Building a Survival Mindset

( - Preppers often focus their time and energy on developing survival skills and stockpiling essential supplies. These are excellent practices that help prepare...
7 Apps Every Prepper Needs to Have

7 Apps Every Prepper Needs to Have

( - Cellphones have given people across the world access to nearly unlimited information. Yet many choose to use these fantastic machines simply to...

How an inReach Communication Device Can Save Your Life

( - Even for experienced hikers and outdoors enthusiasts, the great outdoors can be an unforgiving — and all too often, deadly — place....

“Dragon’s Breath” 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

These Specialized Rounds TRANSFORM 12 Gauge Shotguns (Modern - The 12 gauge shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms on the market. Not...

How to Barter Successfully

( - What is the Best Method to Get the Most Out of Your Barter? Start High Start Low Be Friendly Be Firm Answer: Start High....

Teaching Children Gun Safety

( – Who Should Check to Make Sure the Gun Isn’t Loaded When Teaching a Child Gun Safety? Child Parent Observer Owner Answer: Child. Here's...

How to Safely Shoot a Machine Pistol

(Modern – What is the Best Method for Learning to Shoot a Machine Pistol? Use 3 Rounds Fill the Magazine Brace with Shoulder ...

How to Treat Minor and Severe Head Injuries

(Modern - For a head injury, you should immediately treat the injury and? • Lie down flat • Apply cold pack • Take a painkiller • Sit and...

New Camera Drone Follows You Automatically

( - Hover Camera is a safe and foldable drone that follows you. The drone is mainly for aerial photography and videography, but what...
Modern Survival Vehicle Checklist

Vehicle Survival Checklist

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Prepping Basics: 12 Fundamentals of Survival

(Modern - For many, the last few years have cemented the fact that prepping is essential. If the recent health crisis wasn’t enough...

Protect Your Lungs From Wildfire Smoke

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How to Hide On the Internet

How to Hide On the Internet

( - Becoming truly anonymous online is a tricky endeavor. Big tech, businesses, government agencies, and hackers are constantly collecting personal information. Whatever the...
How to Stay Cool When The Power Goes Out

How to Stay Cool When The Power Goes Out

( - Once upon a time (not so long ago), air conditioning didn’t exist. People were forced to face the summer months without the convenience...