How to Barter Successfully

How to Barter Successfully

What is the Best Method to Get the Most Out of Your Barter?

  • Start High
  • Start Low
  • Be Friendly
  • TEST
  • Be Firm

Answer: Start High

Remember, we are talking about what you get out of the deal, not what you give. You want to start by asking for more than you really want. This leaves room for negotiating down to where you really want to be. If the person you are dealing with doesn’t know how to haggle, they may even make the exchange for your original request. If they do know how to haggle, you may be able to get what you really want out of the deal, while they feel like they got a bargain.

Start low when it comes to what you will give for a deal. You can be friendly or not, and you can present a firm stance or not. All that really matters is what you have to offer, how badly they need it, and what they are willing to give for it.

If you’re planning to do a lot of successful bartering, keep a keen eye on the needs and resources of the people around you. In a survival scenario, that junk metal in the backyard can become a real gold mine, while some of your most expensive electronic gadgets may be worth less than nothing.