How to Safely Shoot a Machine Pistol


(Modern – What is the Best Method for Learning to Shoot a Machine Pistol?

  • Use 3 Rounds
  • Fill the Magazine
  • Brace with Shoulder
  • Use Tracer Rounds

Answer: Use 3 Rounds. Here’s why…

Shooting a machine pistol for the first time can come as a bit of a shock, even for those who are familiar with firearms. The fact that machine pistols are fully automatic means they will not react to being fired in the same way a standard pistol will.

What can one expect when firing a machine pistol for the first time? The following video from hickok45 shows what it is like to fire a machine pistol:

As the video shows, a machine pistol will rise while being fired as part of the ongoing kick. For those who aren’t expecting the recoil, this could come as quite a shock.

To ease into the process of firing a machine pistol, starting with only a few rounds in the magazine is recommended. This gives the shooter a chance to feel the recoil and prepare for more extended periods of fire.

There are other benefits of lowering the number of rounds loaded into the magazine, as well. For starters, long bursts of fire from automatic weapons will reduce accuracy. Second, having fewer rounds conserves ammunition. Firing any automatic firearm will burn through ammo more quickly than one may think.

As with any firearm, learning to master a machine pistol requires patience, practice, and, above all else, safety. For information on how to properly hand a firearm to another person, check out our article here.

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