7 Apps Every Prepper Needs to Have

7 Apps Every Prepper Needs to Have

(ModernSurvival.org) – Cellphones have given people across the world access to nearly unlimited information. Yet many choose to use these fantastic machines simply to surf social media or text with friends, blissfully unaware of the true potential waiting just a few clicks away. Little do they know that their cell phone can become a potent survival tool equipped with life-saving information, some even accessible without an internet connection.

Why Your Cellphone is Important for Survival

In the world of prepping and survival, one of the most fundamental concepts is everyday carry (EDC). The concept is built around the items carried on your person every time you leave home and how they can keep you alive in a survival situation. Generally, this includes a pocket knife, firestarter, and multitool at a bare minimum.

An often overlooked component of an EDC loadout is the cellphone. Nearly everyone in the civilized world owns a cellphone and carries it everywhere they go, but few have theirs ready to go in the event of an emergency. To help change that, we’ve compiled a list of survival apps that can help when disaster strikes.

1. SAS Survival Guide

The SAS Survival Guide has been a staple in prepper and survivalist libraries across the globe for decades. Written by John Wiseman, a member of the British Special Air Service (SAS) and published in 1986, the book covers a variety of survival topics. Now, the best-selling guide is also available as an app.

Apart from the priceless information contained in the book, the app also boasts videos of survival tips from the author himself, photo galleries, and a morse code signaling device. You can access the text information offline, making it useful even in the middle of the woods.

Platforms: Android and iOS

2. Scanner Radio – Police Scanner

One key aspect of survival is staying informed of events as they unfold. With that in mind, this app provides the user access to over 7,000 police and fire scanners, air traffic, and NOAA weather radio stations from all across the globe. While many preppers invest in ham radios or police scanners, the app gives you access to this information on the go.

Platforms: Android and iOS

3. First Aid: American Red Cross

The official Red Cross app gives you access to expert advice on handling various everyday emergencies. It includes a basic first-aid manual with step-by-step directions and short video explanations.

Platforms: Android and iOS

4. Prepper Colony

Keeping tabs on your emergency supplies and survival gear can quickly become overwhelming, which is why this app is so valuable. The Prepper Colony helps you organize your preps into three categories: provisions, weapons, and gear. It estimates how long your provisions will last and how many survival days you have based on the number of individuals in your group. As a bonus, the program will alert you when provisions expire, or a weapon needs cleaning.

Platforms: iOS

5. CCW: Concealed Carry 50 State

For traveling, law-abiding gun owners, this app makes the tedious chore of researching firearm regulations from one state to the next less overwhelming. The program provides a detailed breakdown of every gun law in all 50 states — from red flag laws to carrying requirements. The app is updated monthly, ensuring you are up to date with the most recent changes.

Platforms: Android and iOS

6. Gaia GPS: Off-Road Hiking Maps

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Gaia GPS offers a variety of features that shouldn’t be overlooked. Quickly access maps of campgrounds and hiking trails, plan routes, and even track your traveling distance. The maps are available offline, making this an indispensable tool for hikers, campers, and preppers.

Platforms: Android & iOS

7. Cargo Decoder

If you’ve ever been following a semi or tanker and wondered what it’s hauling, this app is for you. Enter the four digits on the multicolor diamond from the truck into the app, which will pull up the transported contents. In the event of an accident, this will allow you to determine if toxic or flammable materials are a concern quickly.

Platforms: Android & iOS

Closing Thoughts

Your cellphone is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re a seasoned prepper or someone who wants to be better equipped to face an emergency, the apps listed here are a great place to start.

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