Staying Safe with Wildlife

Staying Safe with Wildlife

What Should You Do if You Are Approached By an Animal Larger than You?

  • Flee
  • Scream
  • Submit
  • TEST
  • Poke It

Answer: Submit

An animal that approaches you is more concerned about its own safety than it is about what you are doing. A submissive posture, such as crouching down and avoiding eye contact, tells the animal it has nothing to fear. In response, it is likely to assess the situation and move on. Making loud noises or running like you’re being chased will inevitably lead to you …well, being chased by a wild animal. Why? Because the animal has no idea what you’re running from or to, but it does understand a submissive posture.

And, generally speaking, it’s never a good idea to “poke the bear” either figuratively or literally.