How to Keep Animals Away From Camp


(Modern – What Can You Use to Deter Animals From Your Camp?

  • Chemicals
  • Moth Balls
  • Fence
  • Urine

Answer: Urine. Here’s why…

When enjoying the great outdoors, knowing how to deter animals from a campsite is a crucial skill. Wild animals making their way through a campsite can be bothersome, costly, and even dangerous.

Curious critters can ransack campgrounds in search of a quick meal, doing damage to expensive gear and compromising critical food supplies in the process. Many wild animals carry contagious diseases, too, which pose a threat to humans and domesticated animals nearby. Though wild animals may be fun to watch, it’s better to do so from a safe distance.

So what can be done to keep wild animals away from a campsite?

Mark Your Territory

Most predators have a habit of marking their territory with urine as a warning to rivals. The same principle works with human urine around the campground, too, as many smaller animals — and a few larger ones — can’t stand the ammonia odor present in human urine. Create a perimeter around the camp every time nature calls.

Fabric Softener Sheets

Many rodents can’t stand the smell of fabric softener sheets. Placing these strategically around camp can help ward off pests. These sheets also work as bug repellent in a pinch.

Remove Temptations

Hungry animals can become desperate enough to venture into camp if they believe a tasty treat is waiting for them. When food isn’t being consumed, it needs to be inside a vehicle or a metal bear-proof box.

Store food in sealed containers to limit the scent. Likewise, trash and leftovers should be dealt with accordingly. If storage is a problem, hang the trash from a tree away from camp.

Never leave food, trash or even crumbs inside a tent. Mice and other pesky rodents can chew their way through tent fabric in no time, not to mention what a bear can do when it is hungry.

It is incredibly important to keep the smell of food, garbage, and even perfumed items such as toiletries hidden when in the wild. A curious bear can make a pleasant camping trip a nightmare in a hurry.

Should all efforts to deter a bear fail, knowing how to survive the encounter could save your life. Check out our article here to see how it’s done.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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