How to Keep Animals Away From Camp

Keep Animals Away from Camp

What Can You Use to Deter Animals From Your Camp?

  • Chemicals
  • Moth Balls
  • Fence
  • TEST
  • Urine

Answer: Urine

Are you trying to make sure you use the bathroom far away from camp? You might be doing yourself a disservice. Just like other carnivores mark their territory, you can too. Urine makes a great deterrent for small animals — and even some of the larger ones. You don’t have to go right next to your tent, but it’s a good idea to establish a perimeter around the campsite.

You can also keep your food in sealed containers and make sure a fire is always lit to keep animals at a distance. Keep in mind that the more desperate animals become, the more likely they are to push their safety to the limit. That means you may need to use traps and other methods on top of urine, fire, and removing the scent of food.