Surviving a Moose Attack

Surviving a Moose Attack

( – When facing a moose in the wild, what shouldn’t you do?

  • Make yourself look big
  • Run away
  • Hide behind a tree
  • Stay 50′ away

ANSWER: Make Yourself Look Big. Here’s why…

If you find yourself facing a moose in the wild, you do not want to make yourself look big or try to intimidate the animal. Here’s why…

Many people mistakenly believe Moose are gentle animals that can be walked up to and petted, especially since they are not afraid of humans. Moose are beautiful animals that are generally not aggressive, but any wild animal can become dangerous when provoked.

Moose can be very territorial animals and become aggressive when approached — notably more so when it’s mating season, or they have calves with them. Like most animals, they’re hardwired to be overprotective of their young.

Don’t try to intimidate a moose, as you might with other wildlife, as they’re rather large creatures (up to 1500 pounds) and may view this activity as a challenge.

If you want to take a photo of a moose, never get closer than 50 feet — even this could be too close.

We need to remember wildlife is dangerous and unpredictable and treat it as such. Keep a good distance away and respect the animal’s boundaries.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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