The Most Dangerous Threat to Survival After a Disaster

How Bad Could a SHTF Scenario Really Be?

(Modern – Preppers often speculate on how bad things could actually get in the aftermath of a large-scale disaster or TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) event. By looking at real-world examples and examining humanity as a whole, a disturbing picture comes into view of exactly what horrors could be in store for the survivors.

Harsh Realities

For most people, the idea of a post-apocalyptic future where people are fighting each other to survive is pure fantasy: something restricted to novels, movies and television shows. Surely, they think, even if times got really bad, humanity would come together and unify to survive.

Unfortunately, that idea seems to be a dangerous fantasy. Simply look back on the past year and the chaos that erupted around the world due to pandemic-related supply chain shortages and social injustices. If massive civil unrest could spread from that, what would happen when people run out of food and water?

Human Predators

The fact of the matter is that humans enjoy the modern conveniences of civilization because we are the top predators on the planet. Humankind has conquered and enslaved nearly every other species on earth. Look no further than a zoo or a farm for proof.

Humans have used violence to survive over the centuries to get where they are today. Despite the modern movement to reject violence and live in peace with one another, violence is still ingrained in the fabric of human existence.

It’s almost guaranteed that when the chips are down, even the most lighthearted and pacifistic amongst the population will bare their teeth and resort to violence to keep their families fed. In the blink of an eye, every individual on the planet would become a potential marauder — willing to steal or worse to survive.

For more insight as to why humans would be the biggest threat after SHTF, Canadian Prepper has provided in the following video:

Yes, the average citizens who resort to violence would be a serious concern in a post-apocalyptic environment. But an arguably more dangerous threat would be the already violent individuals who are no longer reigned in by the rule of law. Without the threat of jail, chances are high that these people would show little restraint or remorse while indulging their unspeakable appetites.

While there are countless reasons to prepare for an emergency, the thought of facing a SHTF scenario — and hordes of raiders — could be enough reason to convince anyone to become a prepper. To learn more about how to prepare for a full-blown SHTF scenario, check out our article on how to protect your food in an apocalypse.

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