How to Protect Your Food

In a Food Scarcity Scenario, How Can You Best Prevent Your Food from Being Taken from You?

  • Share & Ration
  • Set a Trip-wire Alarm
  • Use Intimidation
  • TEST
  • Hide & Decoy

Answer: Hide & Decoy

How to Protect Your Food in a Survival Situation

In a survival situation, desperate people will do anything to find food — even those closest to you. If anyone thought you had a stash of food hidden away, it would only be a matter of time before they would find a way to take it from you.

The solution is to safely hide your food in multiple places and allow a small amount of decoy food to be discovered in a less safe hiding spot. If you happen to speak with the person in question, it also helps to act desperate yourself and ask about where food might be found.


Here’s List of the Top 10 Places to Hide Food:

  • Under false floors
  • Behind false walls
  • Behind air vents
  • TEST
  • In hollowed out furniture
  • In box springs
  • In speaker boxes
  • Submerged in water in plastic airtight containers
  • Under insulation in an attic, sealed in airtight containers
  • Under stair steps
  • Buried in airtight plastic containers

Remember, to make your stored food last, don’t eat it unless you have to. Hunt, fish, forage, garden as you can, barter, and ration down to the minimum viable calories you and your family need to survive. Fresh food doesn’t last as long as properly prepared food, so learn the various ways to prepare your food for storage, to make it last longer. If you think you have all the bases covered, take the Survival Test today and find out how long you would last in a disaster!