Survival Lessons From the Fall of Afghanistan


( – The United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan marks the end of America’s longest war. Unfortunately, as American troops began to move out, the Taliban swept through the country at lightning speed. Watching a country descend into chaos and change in such extreme ways so quickly left much of the world dumbfounded.

The events in Afghanistan were disheartening to behold. However, there is a lot that those with a preparedness mentality can learn from this disaster.

  1. Government Incompetence. The two-decade war that ultimately led to the previous owners taking control once again is but one example of a government’s potential inability to maintain the security and wellbeing of those it is looking after. While some still put their full faith in the government to take care of them, those who pay attention can see the error in this line of thinking. Reliance on a government to maintain one’s food, water, and security eventually leads to disaster, not to mention a loss of the ability to make decisions for oneself.
  2. How Fast a Nation Falls. As the video points out, and as the events in Afghanistan have proven, it doesn’t take years, months, or even days for a nation to fall. It can happen in a matter of hours. History has proven that fact time and time again, which is precisely why it is so important to learn the lessons from these fallen nations to prepare ourselves for all future possibilities.
  3. Government Abandonment. The situation in Afghanistan is a perfect example of how quickly a government can abandon any situation it considers to be a liability. Knowing that the government will leave entire populations to fend for themselves if they perceive the need to do so is why being prepared to become entirely self-sufficient is critical.
  4. You Are in Control of Your Survival. By failing to prepare for the future, one puts themselves at the whims of chaos. Even if the government intends to come and save the day following a disaster, there is a good chance they won’t be able to make it to a person’s location to do so. The Americans stranded in Afghanistan after the evacuation operations ended are proof.
  5. Have an Escape Plan. Many of those in Afghanistan were caught off guard by how quickly the Taliban reclaimed control over the country. The mass panic to escape is a prime example of why having a bug out plan in place is extremely important. Being able to quickly get out of Dodge with little to no notice is vital. Natural disasters or invading forces aren’t going to stop and wait for anyone to pack their bags before they hit.

For a more in-depth look into these five lessons, take a look at the following video from City Prepper:

If the time does arrive when one is forced to make the decision to leave their home and bug out, having a well-defined evacuation plan in place will make the ordeal easier. Before putting the final touches on that plan, though, it’s important to know what places one should avoid at all costs when bugging out. Check out our article here to find out what these places are.

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