Avoid These When Bugging Out


(Modern Survival.org) – If you are forced to bug out, which of these should be avoided while traveling?

  • Mountain trails
  • Back roads
  • Lines of drift
  • Abandoned buildings

ANSWER: Lines of Drift. Here’s why…

In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster or an “end of the world as we know it” event (TEOTWAWKI), chances are good that people will be forced to migrate from their homes. This is why the idea of preparing to bug out has become so popular in the prepper community. If things get bad, preppers plan to grab their bug-out bags (BOB) and evacuate to a safer location. Unfortunately, should bugging out become necessary, it is going to be a difficult trip — especially when avoiding lines of drift.

What are Lines of Drift?

Lines of drift can be considered the path of least resistance or the easiest path for travelers or animals while on the move. Natural lines of drift are rivers, streams, ridges, valleys, and even game trails. Artificial lines are roads, sidewalks, railroad tracks, bridges, and fence lines. These provide the least amount of obstacles and the easiest travel when going long distances.

Why Should Lines of Drift be Avoided?

In a situation where bugging out has become a necessity, it seems counterintuitive to avoid the easiest pathways out of dodge. For one, moving quickly to escape a dangerous situation may be required. Taking the path of greater resistance also increases the amount of energy that will be expended while on the go, and could even increase the risk of an injury. So why bother avoiding the easy road?

  • Congested roads. If the situation is so bad that everyone is fleeing a region, major roads will become packed with vehicles. Getting stuck in a traffic jam while attempting to flee a disaster isn’t a good thing.
  • Easy Prey. Lines of drift provide the perfect ambush points for bandits and worse when times are bad. Thieves know desperate people will pick these routes to get away from a bad situation quickly and will capitalize on that.
  • Mob mentality. Desperate times create desperate people. Large groups attempting to escape a disaster without preparation could easily turn on those who had the foresight to prepare for such an event.

How to Avoid Lines of Drift

The easy answer is to avoid the beaten path. Avoid major highways and common roads, as these will likely become traffic nightmares. Take backroads and the long way around if at all possible to avoid getting stuck with the rest of the fleeing hordes.

If forced to bug out on foot, the same rules apply. Avoid areas that other travelers are likely to use. The key is to evade detection so as not to become a target of those who aren’t prepared or are looking to take advantage of those who are.

Avoiding lines of drift can make bugging out a longer, and tougher, experience. Prepare ahead with extra supplies and pre-planned routes to ensure you reach your destination safely.

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