Red Flags to Avoid With the TSA

Avoid These TSA Red Flags

12 Simple Tricks to Avoid HEADACHES With the TSA

( – Traveling can be stressful. The planning, packing, and bustling from one location to another is overwhelming at times. Running late throws a wrench in the whole process, especially when trying to catch a flight before it takes off. Getting flagged by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is a good way to make matters worse, and potentially miss a flight.  

This is precisely why it is vital to know what red flags TSA agents are trained to look for, so they can be avoided. In the following video, MojoTravels explains exactly what will get a person flagged by the TSA.

As the video explains, there are specific things that can lead to detainment, additional screenings, interrogation, and even fines. Here are a few of them:

Appearing Stressed Out

Appearing nervous or visibly uncomfortable is a good way to get flagged by the TSA. Why? They are trained to look for people who display nervousness as a way to identify those who may be plotting nefarious activities. 

Having an Attitude

TSA agents deal with thousands of people (depending on their location, of course) every day. Giving them a hard time while they attempt to do their job and ensure everyone’s safety is just asking for trouble. Showing an attitude is a good way to become an example for everyone else in line. 

Large Amounts of Cash

Carrying a large amount of currency through customs without declaring it can lead to a nasty interrogation. Wads of cash are going to raise eyebrows and suspicions, so it’s best to limit the amount to reasonable quantities. 

Talking About Weapons

This would seem like a no-brainer, but talking about weapons while going through the TSA check is a bad idea. Agents will take any discussion of guns, knives, explosives, or other weapons as a massive red flag. 

Traveling With Coffee

Coffee is a popular tourist purchase, and many people love to bring coffee home from the places they visit. Unfortunately, coffee is also used by smugglers who try to conceal the smell of illegal substances by hiding it inside the packages. Having coffee in carry-on luggage might lead to additional screening as TSA agents search for narcotics hidden within it. 

Other red flags with the TSA include:

  • Having liquids over 3.4 ounces
  • Making inappropriate jokes
  • Trying to sneak something in
  • Traveling with unique or strange objects
  • Missing appropriate documents, such as passports or IDs 
  • Unlabeled medication
  • Packing prohibited items in a carry-on bag

Knowing what not to do when traveling through an airport can save time and headaches. It may seem like the TSA is overly strict, but it’s their job to protect the passengers and employees. Following the rules and regulations will make it a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. 

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