Do This Immediately Following a Car Crash


(Modern – You just survived a car crash. The first thing you do is remain calm and?

• Assess the situation

• Check for injuries

• Check for survivors

• Call for help

Answer: Assess the Situation. Here’s why…

The last thing most people consider when getting in their vehicle is being involved in a wreck. Despite the fact that most drivers have little to no training, the average motorist drives without a care in the world — singing with the radio, talking on the phone, or thinking about their day. Unfortunately, automotive accidents are a very real threat in the modern world.

In the United States alone, over six million car crashes occur each year. A more sobering statistic is that every day, 90 people are killed in automotive accidents. With numbers like these, it’s a good idea to know what to do immediately following a car crash…

Assess the Situation

Immediately following the collision, the most important thing anyone can do is stay calm and assess the situation. Here are questions to ask:

  • Is anyone in the vehicle injured? If so, how serious are the injuries? Do they require immediate medical attention? In some cases, it could be dangerous to move someone, depending on the type of injury (spinal damage, for instance).
  • Is it safer to stay in the vehicle or to exit? Sometimes the safest place to be following an accident is inside the vehicle. For instance, if there is still traffic flowing around the scene, getting out could lead to the risk of being hit by a passing car. In some situations, there could be a multiple-car pile-up where cars continue to slam into one another after the initial collision. In most situations, getting away from the vehicle to a safe place, such as a sidewalk or the side of the road, is the best bet. There are times when exiting the vehicle will be the only option. If the car is on fire, no one should remain inside it.

Once the situation has been assessed, call 911 — even if there were no injuries in the collision. This is important for minor fender benders or large-scale accidents, as in some states, it is illegal not to call the police after an accident.

Modern automobiles have transformed the way humans travel, but they are still dangerous. Always practice safe driving and pay attention to the drivers around you.

For a free list of emergency supplies that should be kept in the vehicle at all times for instances just like this, click here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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