Warning Signs of a Tornado


(Modern Survival.org) – Which of These is a Warning Sign of an Approaching Tornado?

  • Rain
  • Silence
  • Clear Horizon
  • Hail

Answer: Hail. Here’s why…

In the United States, tornado season stretches from March to June. These catastrophic natural disasters are by no means restricted to this time period, however, and occur even in the dead of winter. This fact is exactly why it’s important to stay prepared to face a tornado at any time.

One aspect of preparing to face a tornado is knowing the warning signs that one is developing.

Seek Shelter If You See These Signs

The following atmospheric signs should be taken as a warning of a developing or incoming tornado:

  • A dark and discolored sky, often appearing green as sunlight reflects off hail.
  • Large quantities of in-cloud lightning bursts.
  • Walls of clouds or debris.
  • Swirling clouds.
  • Hail, often without rain.
  • A loud roar, similar to a freight train.
  • An eerie calm following a thunderstorm.
  • Debris falling from the sky; tornadoes can launch items over great distances.
  • Small flashes near the ground at night could be signs of strong winds knocking down power lines.

A funnel cloud is often a signature sign of a tornado, but waiting to see a funnel is not a reliable way to spot a tornado. Sometimes, there won’t be a visible funnel to spot, especially if it’s dark or rainy. Rain-wrapped tornadoes aren’t always easy to see with the naked eye.

Take shelter immediately once these warning signs are identified. If you happen to be driving when a tornado develops, circumstances can quickly become extremely dangerous. To see how to handle this scenario, check out our article here.

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