Warning Signs of a Tornado

Warning Signs of a Tornado

Which of These is a Warning Sign of an Approaching Tornado?

  • Rain
  • Silence
  • Clear Horizon
  • TEST
  • Hail

Answer: Hail

It isn’t always easy to know when a tornado is approaching. Even an official warning doesn’t always put you on alert because you don’t know if it’s headed your way or not. However, you can be better prepared if you understand some of the warning signs of a tornado that exist in the atmosphere. Hail happens to be one of them, but doesn’t always preceed a tornado.

The sky may have a greenish cast and the air may have an eerie calm to it. Watch for a cloud or wall of debris. The tornado itself will make a loud roar, like a train, or send out a whistling sound. If you hear either of those things, you may have only a matter of seconds to get to safety.