Where to Seek Shelter At Home Against Tornadoes


(Modern Survival.org) – A tornado is headed toward you and your house has no tornado shelter. What is the best place to seek shelter?

  • A basement
  • Interior hallway
  • A closet
  • All of the above

Answer: All Of The Above. Here’s why…

Tornadoes are capable of catastrophic damage, leaving a path of destruction dozens of miles in length. To make matters worse, tornadoes have been recorded in nearly every part of the world at all times of the year. This means it’s a good idea to know the best places to seek shelter when a tornado is coming — even when living outside of “tornado alley.”

Where to go

Once an official tornado warning has been issued, it’s time to head to the safest places in the home. While there isn’t any place that is 100% safe from an incoming tornado, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends seeking shelter in the following areas of the home:

  • In the basement, if the building has one
  • An inside room on the lowest floor of the building, such as a bathroom or closet
  • Interior hallways

How to Protect Yourself

After finding a safe location within the home, crawl beneath a sturdy table or desk for added protection (if available). Placing a blanket, sleeping bag, or mattress over the body can help shield it against debris as well. Protect the head as much as possible with whatever is available.

Where NOT to go

Avoid the upper floors if at all possible, as well as any area with windows. When a window explodes due to wind or flying debris, the shattered glass will become deadly projectiles during a tornado.

Mobile homes should be evacuated in the event of a tornado as well. These are essentially death traps that can easily be flipped by the powerful winds. Mobile home residents who live in areas threatened by tornadoes should always have a plan to evacuate to a nearby building or storm shelter capable of offering protection.

Tornadoes can strike at any time, even while one is driving. To see what actions to take when threatened by a tornado on the road, check out our article on how to survive a tornado while driving.

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