Survive a Tornado When Driving

Survive a Tornado When Driving

How Do You Survive a Tornado When Driving?

  • Get Under the Nearest Overpass
  • Drive at a 90° Angle Away from It
  • Drive in the Opposite Direction
  • TEST
  • Parking Brake & Seatbelt On!

Answer: Drive at a 90° Angle Away from It

The #1 rule when encountering a tornado while traveling is; never go under an overpass. The strong winds can form an even more powerful vacuum through the overpass, violently sucking you into harms way.

Once the direction of the tornado is observed, if possible, run or drive at a 90-degree angle away from the tornado’s direction to get out of its path. For example, if a tornado is headed toward you from the passenger side of the car, keep driving straight ahead. Get as far away as possible and remember that tornados can project lethal debris for several hundred yards beyond their path.

If you’re stuck in a nonmoving car, evacuate to the nearest sturdy building if possible. If it’s not an option and you’re stuck in a tornado’s path, the National Weather Service recommends one of the following two actions, depending on circumstances:


1. Stay in your car with the seat belt fastened. Slump down below the windows and cover yourself with a blanket. advises you to keep the car running so airbags will deploy if necessary.

2. If you think you can safely get lower than the roadway, “exit your car and lie in that area, covering your head with your hands,” according to NWS. Be sure to get far enough away from the car so debris, or the car itself (if it gets tossed by wind), is less likely to hit you.

For more tornado safety tips, visit the National Weather Service and



“The more walls and barriers you place between you and the tornado, the better off you’ll be.”
~ Modern Survival