Protect Your Camp From Human Predators


( – Striking out into the wild with a tent or RV is a favorite pastime for many people. It serves as an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and allows them to get back to nature for a few days. With the proper preparation ahead of time, a camping trip is a safe and relaxing way to help just about anyone melt away the stress and worries of everyday life.

Unfortunately, when camping in areas where other people are present, one can never fully let their guard down. As sad as it may be, not every human is a trustworthy person, and leaving camp unguarded to go fishing or hiking might become a costly mistake. A thief will look at an abandoned campsite like an untapped goldmine and make off with whatever isn’t tied down — and possibly even what is.

So, how can the average camper defend their property from two-legged predators looking to take what isn’t theirs?

It Isn’t Easy

Protecting the campsite is not an easy task. Tents, for example, are designed to keep out rain and wind, not people. Anyone with a sharp object and a bit of determination will get in if they want to. Simply locking the zipper closed isn’t going to keep out a thief who wants to see what’s inside.

RVs and campers are a bit better, but the doors are still flimsy and won’t stop a person from breaking in — especially if they feel the area is secluded enough to prevent others from hearing their activities.

What Can Be Done

The most obvious solution to preventing someone from running off with valuable camping gear is to lock it up in the vehicle when it’s not being used. It takes a great deal more effort to break into an automobile than it does to cut open the side of a tent. That said, it can also be a pain to pack and unpack everything each time it’s needed.


A sturdy strongbox anchored in such a way as to make it immovable is a good option. It will provide a way to store valuables while reducing the risk of them being stolen. Yes, a strongbox is portable, and a person could pick it up and walk off with it, which is why it needs to be anchored. Chaining the box to a tree or another hardpoint will prevent it, and its contents, from being stolen.

Note that having a visible strongbox is a dead giveaway that the camp has items worth stealing.

Leave a Guard

Leaving someone at the campsite to keep watch is one way to prevent a thief from snooping around. Another option is to make friends with neighboring campers. Offer to help each other keep an eye on the respective campsites. This may be risky, as there is no way to tell if they are reasonable, honest people, but it’s better than simply leaving the camp completely unattended.

Hide Valuables

Like survival caches, hiding valuables is yet another way to protect them. After all, if the thief doesn’t know the items exist, they can’t take them. Obviously, this will require a degree of stealth. If anyone sees the items being hidden, it will naturally cause curiosity, even among those with high moral standing.

Additionally, any items hidden must be in waterproof containers to prevent moisture, insects, or wild animals from gaining access to them. This also tends to limit the size of what might be hidden.

Deploy Technology

Setting up systems around the camp, such as motion detectors, wireless cameras, and/or lights, are other options to deter thieves. Unfortunately, these generally require a sizable investment and are a dead giveaway when being set up.

Stay Secluded

No one can steal from a camp they can’t find. Setting up camp in secluded areas, away from the average weekend-camper. The benefit here is there aren’t other people to interfere with a pleasant camping experience. The drawback is that it can be hard to let others know where to look for you if things go wrong. The more remote the location, the longer it will take Search and Rescue (SAR) to arrive.

On the off chance that another group of campers arrives here, it will make it pretty obvious who the culprit is if something were to go missing.

Two-legged predators looking to cash in on a quick camp robbing may be concerning, but having four-legged invaders show up can be downright dangerous. For information on how to deter wild animals from exploring your campsite, check out our article here.

~ Here’s to Your Survival!

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