Bug Out Location Not in the Budget? Go Here Instead

Bug Out Location Not in the Budget? Go Here Instead...

(Modern Survival.org) – Every prepper dreams of one day owning a piece of property where they can build the ultimate bug out destination. Unfortunately for many, this is a lofty goal. For those who can’t afford to buy a survivalist’s paradise, what other options are there when forced to leave home?

City Prepping has created a video tackling this very issue, providing some helpful tips on where to go when forced to evacuate:

As the video explains, where you decide to go when bugging out depends on the situation.

Local Disaster

A natural disaster is one example of why bugging out may become necessary. For instance, an incoming hurricane often forces local residents to flee harm’s way. In this case, seeking refuge in a hotel is an excellent temporary retreat location.

National or Worldwide Disaster

In the event of a large-scale, nationwide disaster, simply hunkering down in a hotel won’t be an option. If local resources aren’t sustainable for long-term survival, or the area is no longer safe for some reason, moving to greener pastures will be required. Without a designated bug out location, a destination will need to be determined in a hurry.

  • Abandoned buildings. Abandoned buildings will provide immediate shelter. The downside to choosing an abandoned building is that other refugees likely know of it as well, which could lead to conflicts over the location. There are many factors to consider before setting up camp in an abandoned building — so many, in fact, that they deserve an entire article dedicated to the subject.
  • Going off-road. When traveling with a large group, established roadways could make the going easier. Camps can be set up under bridges, nearby forest areas, creek beds, or storm drains. Traveling on roads when thousands (or millions) of people are also fleeing could be dangerous, though. These are lines of drift, and predators will likely look to these first for unwary prey.
  • Along a river. Rivers are nature’s highways and will provide both a source of water and food. Game trails often intersect with rivers, as animals also need to drink. Often, rivers have bends, coves, and islands that could serve as potential bug out locations. Unfortunately, there is a catch here, too, as living off the wild for long periods is nearly impossible for even hardened bushcrafters.
  • Underground. If a bug out location is out of the budget, chances are that buying a bunker is out of the question, as well. That doesn’t mean going underground isn’t an option. Caves and abandoned mines can serve as evacuation destinations. However, they come with their own set of problems. Mines and caves run the risk of toxic gasses, cave-ins, and wild animals.
  • In the woods. This seems to be a popular option among many preppers; however, it is far harder to do than many realize. Retreating into the woods will provide an environment that’s secluded and likely hidden from the masses. It will also leave you exposed to the elements, from the weather to wild animals. If the plan is to bug out into the woods, it’s a good idea to test the waters first through extended camping trips — using only the gear in your bug out bag. If a week proves too much in these conditions, changing up your evacuation plan may be a good idea.
  • On a boat. One bug out location that many people overlook is on the water. Food and potable water will still be a concern; however, the ability to move the camp at a moment’s notice is a big plus. Landfall can be made in order to hunt or gather supplies as necessary. Obviously, this is only a viable option if a large enough source of water is available in the vicinity.

Bugging out isn’t always the best option, but sometimes there is no other option. It’s better to prepare ahead of time in case fleeing becomes necessary.

One way to prepare for a bug-out scenario is to bury caches of supplies along your planned route. To see how this is done, check out our article here.

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