Your Defensive Instincts Could Get You Hurt

( – Self-defense is incredibly important, especially given the state of the world today. Knowing how to properly fend off an attacker, be it in a dark alley or the chaos of a riot, can keep you alive. Unfortunately, sometimes our natural instincts can do more harm than good when we’re forced to defend ourselves.

In the following video, Aja Dang shows how to overcome your natural instincts and fight off an assailant trying to choke the life out of you:

It takes six seconds to choke a person unconscious in the right hold, so knowing how to escape in a hurry is vital. There isn’t time to think about what to do; you have to act. Knowing exactly what to do could save your life—and it might not be what you expect.

The Right Way to Escape a Chokehold

The natural instinct is to fight when being choked, but unless you can ensure an attacker will release you after one blow, this isn’t the right course of action. Remember, your attacker could be hyped up on any number of substances, such as drugs, alcohol, or high levels of adrenaline, which could reduce the effectiveness of your blows. Escape first, fight second.

To escape a two-handed chokehold from the front, tuck your head down (so that your jaw is on your chest) rather than pulling at the attacker’s arms. Duck and swing your head through their arms. Be sure you duck far enough that their arms do not block your path to freedom. This move puts the strength of your entire body up against the strength of their thumbs.

If the attacker comes up from behind and engages a chokehold (essentially, a headlock), you don’t want to rely on pulling their arm down. Instead, step forward with one leg and then step backward (between the attacker and your forward leg), with the other. This will allow you to duck out of the choke and push away. The key is to step away from the attacker’s elbow cradling your head, otherwise, you’re helping them make the hold tighter.

Survival often comes down to who wants it more—and who has the necessary skills to react appropriately when needed. This is why practice and training are so important. When seconds matter, muscle memory can save the day.

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~Here’s to Your Survival!

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