What Is the Best Target to Kick in a Fight?


(ModernSurvival.org) – Fights in the real world are rarely anything like what Hollywood puts on the silver screen. Real fights aren’t choreographed or pretty. More often than not, a scuffle in the real world is short and brutal, with a high likelihood of serious injury — especially between two untrained combatants.

While it’s always best to avoid a fight if possible, there may come a time when defending oneself is the only option available. When push comes to shove, and conflict can’t be avoided, it should be ended quickly to minimize the risk of getting seriously hurt.

Target the Knee

As a basic rule, if an opponent can’t walk, they can’t fight. This is precisely why targeting an aggressor’s knee with a strong kick or stomp is arguably the best way to end a fight quickly.

There are a few ways to incapacitate an opponent in a street fight by kicking the knee. Fight Science has provided the following instructional video to show how it’s done.

Striking a vulnerable joint with the intent to cause serious damage may seem severe. In a street fight where the risk of bodily harm or even death is very real, the only way to ensure survival is to out-violence the opponent until the fight is over or it’s safe to get away. Taking an opponent’s knee out provides the perfect opportunity to escape the confrontation.

Failing to learn how to defend oneself effectively is a common mistake that can be costly in a bad situation. Unfortunately, it isn’t the only mistake that can lead to disaster in an emergency. To see more common errors and how to avoid them, check out our article here.

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