Why You Should Have Two Fires in a Survival Situation


(Modern Survival.org) – In a survival situation, how many fires should you have?

• One main fire

• Two separate fires

• One shelter fire

• Cooking fire only

Answer: Two Separate Fires. Here’s why…

In many survival situations, the ability to build a fire is key to staying alive. Fire provides warmth, a way to cook food, and creates a signal for potential rescuers. Obviously, one fire will need to be maintained at all times, but should there be more than one?

Two is the Magic Number

In a true survival scenario, having a fire at the home base for basic necessities is important. Having a second fire for signaling rescuers is also vital.

After establishing a shelter, gather enough fuel to maintain both fires. Yes, the basecamp fire could serve as a signal fire in a pinch. However, signal fires tend to produce large amounts of smoke (by design), which isn’t a great combination with trying to cook or stay warm. Anyone who has been chased around a campfire by smoke can understand why.

Even if the signal fire isn’t lit, it should be ready to go at all times. If a search and rescue plane is flying overhead, the signal fire is the best bet for getting their attention. The large plumes of smoke are more likely to be noticed than reflecting light off a mirror. To see how to build a signal fire, check out this video.

There is no denying that fire is vital to survival in a woodland emergency. For tips on how to keep a fire burning in the snow, take a peek at our article here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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