Why You Should Always Carry a First Aid Kit


(Modern Survival.org) – In a group hiking trip, who should carry the first aid kit?

• Everyone

• Group Leader

• Certified Instructor

• Group Medic

Answer: Everyone. Here’s why…

Exploring the great outdoors is a favorite pastime for many people worldwide. The scenic views, wild animals, and allure of getting back to nature offer an escape from the humdrum of modern society. Unfortunately, many who decide to trek through these natural wonders often do so without the proper preparation — a potentially fatal mistake.

Accidents Happen

Whether hiking alone or with a group, there is always a chance of getting lost or injured while out in nature. One misstep can lead to a sprained ankle, and one wrong turn can lead to separation from the group. Even a chance encounter with a wild animal can quickly become an emergency. This is why everyone must carry the proper supplies.

What to Bring When Hiking

The most essential item every person should have when exploring nature is a first aid kit. Many hiking groups relegate this duty to one individual, but in reality, every single member of the team should be carrying a first aid kit.

Aside from a first aid kit, other survival gear should also be brought along when exploring the wild, such as water and water purification equipment, extra food, a knife, fire starters, and at the bare minimum, a survival blanket. Preparing for the worst is better than being caught in a bad situation without the tools to survive.

Before heading out on a hiking trip, some essential tasks must be done first. To see what these are, check out our article on 3 Pre-Trip ‘Must Do’s.’

~ Here’s to Your Survival!

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