3 Pre-Trip ‘Must Do’s’ Before Going on a Hiking or Camping Trip

3 Pre-Trip 'Must Do’s' Before Going on a Hiking or Camping Trip
3 Pre-Trip 'Must Do’s' Before Going on a Hiking or Camping Trip

What pre-trip action should you take before going on a hiking/camping trip?

• Test devices
• Share your plans
• Set “I am back” date
• All of the above

Answer: All of the Above

Testing your electronic devices, sharing your plans with someone, and setting an “I am back” date are three pre-trip necessities you should do before going on a hiking/camping trip.

Here’s why…


There’s no excuse for being unprepared. Plan, Plan, Plan! That’s the best way you can ensure your safety and survival if anything should happen to go wrong. Before setting out on a hiking or camping trip, be sure to check off the five crucial areas of survival which are food, water, shelter, first aid, and gear.

Testing Your Electronic Devices
Before packing any electrical devices for your trip, be sure to install fresh batteries or ensure your device is fully charged. It’s important to bring extra recharging sources in case your trip is longer than expected. Ensure the electrical devices are functional by turning them on and off several times, and briefly using them.

Share Your Plans with Friends/Loved Ones
Before heading out on your trip, be sure to let at least 3 people know where you’re going, what gear you’re carrying, what you’re wearing, and what routes you plan to take on your trip. Leave a copy of your plans and a gear list. If something unexpected were to happen, rescuers would know where to begin searching, and what to look for.

For example, your phone could be used as a beacon to help rescuers find you. They would know you have a phone on you since you left a copy of what items you have on your person.


Setting an “I Am Back” Date
Let people know when you plan on coming back. Set an “ I am back” date with at least 3 people so they have an idea of when you’ll return. If something unexpected happens, people will know to start looking for you because you didn’t return on the date you said you would.

Many times, people go weeks before they start wondering where you are and why you haven’t called. This is one way to avoid being forgotten.

Planning a hiking/camping trip is all about having a great experience. Be sure to share as much information as possible before you leave. Yes, your friends and family may think you’re being paranoid, but at least you’re prepared.

~Here’s to Your Survival!


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