Where to Get Free Gun Locks

Where to Get Free Gun Locks

(Modern Survival.org) – Where Can You NOT Get Free Gun Locks?

  • Walmart
  • Gun Store
  • Police Station
  • TEST
  • Project Childsafe

Answer: Walmart. Here’s why…

Not to discourage you from shopping at Walmart, but free gun locks usually come with handguns… and Walmart does not sell handguns. However, they do sell gun locks, gun safes, and guns that aren’t handguns.

Generally, gun locks come with any new handgun you buy. But, you can also get them for free from your local police station or Project Childsafe. Gun safety should be a top priority, and for most police stations, it is. So, you don’t have to fill out any paperwork or even tell them how many guns you have. Most police stations will give you as many as you need, as long as they have enough.


Project Childsafe provides the gun locks to most police departments, so if your local department doesn’t have them in stock, just look up your state on the Project Childsafe website to see where else you can find free gun locks.

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