What’s Really Causing Joint Pain?

Which of These Foods Can Lead to Joint Pain?

  • Protein
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • TEST
  • Water

Answer: Sugar

Yes, sugar really does seem to be the root of multiple health problems — including joint pain. It causes inflammation so that if you do have any issues with your joints, sugar is going to make it worse. On top of that, one natural healing expert, Juanita Ketcham, TH, CNHC says that sugar turns to a sort of ash in our bodies. This ash settles in the weakest areas, which are often the joints.

Imagine you have a socket wrench. Pack it with ash or dirt, and you’ll see how hard it is to use. If the parts inside it are cracked or having other issues, the ash is only going to make things worse. One old-time remedy suggests making tea out of crushed celery seeds. This tea is supposed to dissolve the ash. Perhaps a better suggestion would be to avoid sugar, but sometimes that cake looks awfully tempting!