What You Should Know about Rationing Water in a Survival Situation

What You Should Know about Rationing Water in a Survival Situation
What You Should Know about Rationing Water in a Survival Situation

In a survival situation, if you are running very low on water it’s better to?

• Ration it
• Drink it all
• Mix with urine
• Save it

Answer: Drink It All

If you are running very low on water, it’s better to drink it all.

Here’s why…


To understand real thirst, we have to understand the human body and how water works within it. The body needs a certain amount of water, especially if there’s a high level of activity. Another important factor to throw into the equation is heat temperature.

These factors combined will determine how much water you should be consuming to avoid dehydration and the breakdown of vital organs, which can eventually lead to death.

The body gets rid of excess heat by sweating. The more you sweat, the more body moisture you lose which causes water loss. If water isn’t consumed to make up for that water loss, heat stroke will quickly set in.

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127 Hours is a true story about an adventurous mountain climber who becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah. He was forced to resort to desperate measures while only having 12 oz of water in order to survive.

He managed to ration his water and stay hydrated as much as he could. His survival situation differs in that he was in a shaded area with minimal to no movement at all. No excess sweating and not a lot of heat. These are two factors that allowed him to ration small amounts of water for that period of time.

The U.S. Army conducted experiments to condition soldiers to drink less water during training in attempts to “water discipline” the men as they were heading into Africa. The experiment resulted in hundreds of heat casualties and brought them to the conclusion that rationing water in high activity levels and high heat leads to rapid dehydration.

Rationing small amounts of water is a personal choice to be made only by the survival situation you’re in. If you’re in high heat and are sweating a lot, it’s best to drink all the water you have to keep your body cool.


If you can find shade, not sweat, and keep your body cool, then you should ration the little water supply on-hand. There’s no right or wrong answer. As always, the survival situation will provide the answer to what you should do.

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