What to Do When You Lose Water

What to Do When You Lose Water

Whether You Lose Power or the Well Runs Dry, What Should You Shut Off First When the Faucet is Empty?

  • Electricity
  • Water Heater
  • Gas
  • TEST
  • Faucet

Answer: Water Heater

Shutting the water heater off is especially important if you have an electric water heater. When no water is coming to the house, it is possible for it to drain from the house because there is no pressure to keep it in place. This is especially true if you develop a leak between the house and the pump. Once your water heater is empty, and the thermostat tells the water heater to kick on, the lack of water will cause your heating element to burn out. The result is that when the water comes back on, you’ll have a whole new problem to deal with. Even with gas water heaters, it isn’t good for them to come on with no water in the tank.

In some cases you may have to shut the water heater off at the breaker box. Electric water heaters are normally on their own breaker, which should be labeled. Simply flip the breaker to the “Off” position and do what you need to do to restore water.