What to Do When You Lose Water


(Modern Survival.org) – Whether You Lose Power or the Well Runs Dry, What Should You Shut Off First When the Faucet is Empty?

  • Electricity
  • Water Heater
  • Gas
  • Faucet

Answer: Water Heater. Here’s why…

Losing water in the home is never a good thing, especially in the middle of a serious winter storm or natural disaster. Having the proverbial well run dry can be devastating, as it endangers the family both in the form of dehydration and also by making sanitation difficult. Loss of water can also wreak havoc on certain parts of the home itself.

When the water stops running, there is one appliance in particular that needs to be shut off — even if the power is out as well. When the water is working again, failing to have turned off the hot water heater could have disastrous results.

Turn Off the Hot Water Heater

The reason the hot water heater needs to be shut down during a prolonged water outage is that once water is no longer flowing to it, the lack of water pressure can cause the heater to drain. When it attempts to fire up after power is restored, there won’t be water present to warm up — and this can lead to a burned-out heating element.

Most homes have a breaker specifically for the hot water heater. By shutting this off, the heater will not attempt to work when there isn’t water inside. This is especially important if the home has an electric hot water heater but is still applicable for gas-powered heaters, too.

When to Turn the Hot Water Heater Back On

If the water went out due to a winter storm, be sure to check for broken pipes before attempting to turn the water heater back on. When it is safe to do so, turn the hot water on at a faucet in the home. Once water is flowing freely, and no air is coming from the faucet, it is safe to power up the hot water heater again.

There are many reasons why the water service could become disrupted, from a burst line to a natural disaster. Preparing to survive off the grid when the well runs dry is important, as dehydration can become deadly in as few as three days.

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