Locate Water Sources In Your Home

Locate Water Sources In Your Home
Locate Water Sources In Your Home

Knowing how and where to find a water source is very important in any survival situation. There are many water sources around but you have to know where to look. Whether your disaster situation takes place are in an urban community or out in the wild, the truth is that you and your loved ones won’t make it far without water. Here are some tips on locating, purifying and storing water.

Your Home

There are water sources you can find in your home. You may not like some of the places the water is coming from but remember, the same water that is dripping from your faucet is the same water that is in your toilet. Remember to treat all water sources as being biologically and chemically unsafe. Water from these locations tend to carry bacteria that can make a survival situation even worse if not treated first. Here is a list of places where water is stored when all local or municipal water supplies have been shut down:

Outside Your Home

  • Rain Gutters
  • Garden Hose
  • TEST
  • Trees Branches
  • Bushes

Inside Your Home

  • toilet bowl
  • toilet reservoir
  • TEST
  • water heater
  • refrigerator
  • pantry/refrigerator canned items

Vehicles (Only as a last resort)

  • Radiator
  • TEST
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid Container

One thing to always keep in mind is that you may not be around rivers, streams, or lakes. Many people reside in the city and will only have access to water sources within the home. It is of the utmost importance you practice water purification methods especially when water is coming from vehicles. These are just examples of different areas where water can be found within a home.