What to Do When Someone Has a Seizure

What to Do When Someone Has a Seizure
What to Do When Someone Has a Seizure

If someone is having a seizure, the first thing you should do is?

• Clear their mouth
• Hold them tight
• Call 911
• Ensure their safety

Answer:Ensure Their Safety

Once a person has a seizure, there’s really not anything anyone can do. While witnessing someone having a seizure can be scary, the act of a seizure is not life threatening and normally stops with no permanent effects. It’s definitely worth knowing some basic first aid and when to call 911.

There are two types of seizures and some are more dangerous than others. A focal onset seizure starts in a single part of the brain causing uncontrollable arm movement and face twitching. As the seizure gets more intense, the victim may have a “zoning out” stare. The person may not recall having the seizure afterwards.


The most common type is called a generalized tonic-clonic seizure or grand mal seizure. These types of seizures are usually caused by epilepsy while others can be caused due to health problems like low blood sugar, high fever, or a stroke. The seizure starts in multiple areas of the brain and the victim is not aware of what’s happening.

Seizure First Aid
Seizure first aid is a matter of taking precautions. You’re most likely to need it for a generalized tonic-clonic seizure.

•Keep people away from the victim.
•Clear any hard or sharp objects within reach.
•Don’t try to hold the victim down.
•If possible, place victim on their side, to help clear the airway.
•Make an attempt to note the start, finish and length of seizure.
•Don’t put anything in her mouth. Contrary to a popular myth, you can’t swallow your tongue during a seizure. But if you put an object in her mouth, she could damage her teeth or bite you.

A person having mild seizures, like short periods of shaking of the arms or legs or staring into nothing, should not be considered emergencies. Be sure to keep them away from anything dangerous or threatening and report any seizures or symptoms of seizures to a doctor immediately.


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Learn the necessary steps to safely help someone who is having a seizure. And remember, the number one thing is to stay calm and don’t freak out. Watch this quick video on seizure first aid by
Children’s Hospital Colorado