How to Help Someone Who Has Fainted

How to Help Someone Who Has Fainted

(Modern – One reason many people embrace the survivalist lifestyle is to be better prepared to help others in need. From roadside emergencies to natural disasters, the ability to step up and rescue someone in distress is a valuable trait.

But not all emergencies are as big or obvious as those listed above. What if someone is fainting or has fainted? Do you know how to help them?

Howcast has provided a helpful video explaining how to help someone who is fainting:

According to WebMD, before a person faints, they usually experience a variety of symptoms, such as tunnel vision, dizziness, weakness, a loss of hearing or ringing in the ears, and even a sensation that the room is moving. Once someone begins to display these signs, it is crucial to help them to the ground. To do this, grab them around the waist, pulling them close and supporting their head to ensure it doesn’t hit the floor. You don’t want a head or brain injury in addition to the fainting spell.

Once the fainting person is on the ground, they need to be put into the recovery position. Turn them onto their side, placing their top leg over and in front of the bottom leg. The top leg should be bent. That way, if they vomit, they won’t choke.

Cold packs, damp cloth, or ice on the forehead and neck can help someone who has fainted to recover. Loosen belts, collars, or any other restrictive clothing if possible. If the person isn’t breathing, call 9-1-1 and begin CPR.

Should the individual begin to recover, help them sit up slowly. Take your time. If they continue to faint, there is likely something more serious going on, and emergency services should be contacted.

Knowing how to help someone in need is a vital skill to develop. In the event of a major disaster, emergency services might be backlogged or completely unavailable. Being able to act in their place could save someone’s life.

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