This Natural Disaster Produces the Fastest Winds on the Planet

Which natural disaster produces the fastest winds on the planet?

• Hurricanes
• Tornadoes
• Cyclones
• Tidal waves

Answer: Tornadoes

The natural disaster that produces the fastest winds on the planet is tornadoes. Here’s why…

A tornado is a violently rotating funnel of air that’s normally caused by thunderstorms, dropping baseball-sized hail. It can have winds of up to 250 miles per hour and can clear a pathway 50 miles long destroying anything in its path.


Tornadoes can happen anywhere and at any time. In the U.S., there are around a thousand tornadoes a year. By far, Texas holds the record for having the most twisters averaging about 120 per year.

There’s a region called “Tornado Alley” that includes states like, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nebraska and eastern Colorado where powerful tornadoes cause the most damage and human deaths a year.

What Causes Tornadoes?
Large thunderstorms can form into “supercells,” which in turn, become deadly twisters. The sky may have a greenish cast and the air may have an eerie calm to it. The problem is that most tornadoes form without warning and give little chance for people to seek underground shelter.

Types of Tornadoes
Here are a few examples of different types of tornadoes that are more frequent:


• Gustnadoes: whirls of dust or debris at or near the ground with no condensation funnel, which form along the gust front of a storm.

• Landspouts: narrow, rope-like condensation funnels that form while the thunderstorm cloud is still growing and there is no rotating updraft. The spinning motion originates near the ground.

• Waterspouts: similar to landspouts, except they occur over water.

“Fire tornadoes” or “fire whirls” are not actually tornadoes, but they get an “honorable mention” in the sense that they have characteristics of a tornado. A gust of hot air blows through the fire at the right angle and creates a spinning momentum. The wind captures the embers and flaming debris and sets them spinning.


Tornadoes are unpredictable with nothing to stop them from wreaking havoc. The best advice to surviving a tornado is to pay attention to the dark skies and tune into radio or television stations for tornado warnings. Most towns have a siren warning system. When you hear it, it’s time to act and seek shelter immediately.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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