Surprising Survival Uses for Socks


( – When it comes to a life-or-death situation, everything at your disposal can (and should) be used in an effort to survive — including the socks on your feet. A good pair of socks can keep feet warm and dry, but that is just the beginning of their potential uses.

To show the versatility of socks in a survival situation, WayPoint Survival has provided the following video:

In addition to wearing them on the feet, a good pair of wool socks can also serve as an improvised pair of mittens in cold weather. Also, they can protect the hands when picking up hot items, much like oven mitts.

Here are some more uses for socks in the field:

  • Socks make for a great storage bag when foraging.
  • Placing stones in the toe of the sock makes a defensive bludgeoning tool.
  • Socks can serve as an elastic tie if another cordage is unavailable.
  • Placing socks over the top of shoes or boots provides extra traction in slick conditions.
  • Stuffing a sock with other extra clothing or even fallen leaves makes a pillow.
  • In dire straits, an extra sock can serve as toilet paper.
  • Pouring water through a sock acts as a pre-filter before boiling, removing large particles of contaminants from the fluid.
  • In the event of a laceration to an extremity, an improvised tourniquet can be made from a sock (or two socks tied together). Placing a sock directly over a wound can also act as a makeshift bandage — just make sure it is a clean sock.

The uses for socks in a survival situation go far beyond those listed here. They can even be cut into pieces to make fire starters if nothing else is available. The key is to use what you have available to stay alive, down to your socks.

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~Here’s to Your Survival!

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