The Effects of Hypothermia On the Human Body

The Effects of Hypothermia On the Human Body
The Effects of Hypothermia On the Human Body

In harsh cold environments, what can kill you the fastest?

• Hypothermia
• Starvation
• Boredom

Answer: Hypothermia

In harsh cold environments, hypothermia can kill you the fastest. When authorities issue cold weather alerts and warnings, it should be taken very seriously, especially if you’re not used to dealing with extremely cold conditions.

To avoid falling victim to hypothermia, the best solution is to prepare by being dressed with right layers of clothing to keep you warm. It doesn’t take much for extreme cold weather conditions to turn deadly.


The core temperature is maintained at around 37℃. Once the body begins to drop in temperature, hypothermia will begin to set in. Some of the symptoms of hypothermia setting in are things like heavy breathing, feeling tired, or excessive shivering. All it takes is a few degrees drop and that can trigger the body to start protecting itself from the freezing cold.

Once the body core temperature drops below 32℃, different symptoms set in like slurred speech, poor coordination, poor decision making, visible confusion, and acting like they’re intoxicated.

At 28℃ or below, the mental state of the victim begins to lose all reason. The body may stop shivering and and the risk of death is at its highest threat levels.

Think of your body a small furnace putting out as much heat as possible making every attempt to keep you alive. The weather is very unpredictable and it can change at any given time. The best thing to do is to be prepared for extreme cold climates with the right clothes and gear.


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