How to Build a Quinzee Snow Shelter for Survival

How to Build a Quinzee Snow Shelter for Survival

( – To protect from cold harsh elements, this simple shelter can be made by hollowing out a big pile of snow:

• Quinzee shelter
• A-frame shelter
• Igloo shelter
• Lean-to shelter

Answer: Quinzee Shelter. Here’s why…

Whether you’re in a cold wilderness survival situation or in the backyard having fun in the snow, quinzee shelters are a great way to keep you away from the harsh winter elements.

It’s important to note that a quinzee shelter is not usually meant as a form of permanent shelter and is mostly used for survival situations only.

Here are some simple steps to building a quinzee shelter:

Step 1.
Start by shoveling snow into a large pile. The number of people needing shelter will help determine the size of the snow pile. As an example, a shelter for 2 people may require 10 feet of snow in diameter with a height of 7 feet.

Step 2.
Create a rounded mound and let it sinter (harden) for at least a couple of hours. The more time you can let it sinter, the better.

Step 3.
While you wait, you can start collecting sticks around 12 inches long. These sticks will be used to help determine wall thickness when you start to hollow it out.

Step 4.
Start digging a hole at the base of the pile for the entrance. It will need to be big enough to excavate the snow. Use the sticks as a guide while removing excess snow. Use the excess snow to build walls to have protection from the harsh winds and reinforce the shelter.

(Do not stack the excess snow on the shelter. It will make the walls heavier and may cause them to collapse.)

Step 5.
Once it’s hollowed out, you can create bedding areas, small airflow passages, and anything else you may need to stay warm and be more comfortable.

The less work you can do, the better as this helps to conserve energy and stay dry. A lot of hard work causes excessive sweating and burns more calories. If possible, change into dry clothes after settling in to avoid hypothermia.

A quinzee shelter will keep you safe in a winter survival situation. If you don’t have the proper tools to build this type of shelter, use branches, sticks, or even your hands to build it. The best thing is to bring survival gear with you and always be prepared.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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