Survival Tools Hiding in Your Bathroom

Survival Tools Hiding in Your Bathroom

These Common TOILETRIES Can Do WHAT?!

( – When it comes to a life or death situation, nearly every item at one’s disposal becomes a survival tool with some out-of-the-box thinking. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of MacGuyver-level improvisation, so learning how everyday items can become survival tools before an emergency is critical.

While there are countless items hiding inside the average home with obvious survival uses, some might be surprised to learn that their bathroom is a cornucopia of potentially life-saving goodies. Here are a few to consider:

Dental Floss

In a pinch, dental floss is extremely handy to have around. The line is durable enough to use as temporary rigging for makeshift shelters or lashing for tools. On top of that, it’s even a decent replacement for fishing line if there isn’t any available (so long as you don’t hook a pike or alligator gar). Most dental floss comes equipped with a small cutting tool which, while not much, is much better than nothing.


Even in a long-term survival situation, dental hygiene is essential. Anyone who has suffered a rotten tooth will testify to how painful and debilitating one can be. However, the benefits of mouthwash don’t end with keeping one’s breath minty fresh.

Mouthwash with a high alcohol content (at least 25%) is a viable antibacterial and antiseptic first aid tool for wounds and disinfecting tools (such as needles for stitches). Likewise, mouthwash will work as a hand sanitizer if nothing else is available.


Surprisingly, there are multiple survival uses for these feminine hygiene products beyond their intended purpose. In fact, SensiblePrepper on YouTube explains ten of them in the following video:

These are just a small sample of everyday household items that pack a powerful punch in a survival situation. To see another product that has multiple uses in an emergency, check out our article here on petroleum jelly.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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