Simple Tricks to Boost Morale After a Disaster


( – When considering what a person should prepare for in order to survive the aftermath of a disaster, the bare essentials often come to mind. Everyone focuses on food, water, and shelter, as these are absolutely vital to continued survival. That said, there is one aspect of survival in a post-collapse situation that often gets overlooked: morale.

A realistic examination of any disaster scenario will quickly reveal a brutal, stressful environment capable of crushing anyone’s spirit. Large-scale destruction, the loss of everyday conveniences, and the daily grind of surviving in the new world will take a mental toll — and quite possibly lead one to spiral into depression. This is why planning ahead to combat mental fatigue is a good idea.

In the following video, Rogue Preparedness shares a few ideas on how to boost morale after a cataclysmic event:

While it is unlikely that a person will be able to maintain a “happy” state of mind consistently in a disaster scenario, it is important that they find moments to enjoy life. This will provide relief from the stress of the situation and allow their brain to disconnect briefly, giving it time to rest and recuperate. Here are a few examples of ways to boost morale:

    • Comfort food. Having access to foods that are enjoyable, such as a favorite snack, candy, or simply a hot meal, is going to go a long way to boost morale. Eating sweets will also release dopamine into the bloodstream, which will provide a sense of pleasure. Special drinks like coffee, tea, or even powdered flavoring for water can also provide a nice relief.
    • Writing in a journal. Getting thoughts out of the mind and onto paper can be a great stress reliever. It can also help a person sort their thoughts and keep track of events.
    • Reading. Having access to books or magazines will let a person escape reality for a little while. Religious texts can provide hope to practitioners, as well.
    • Games. Similar to books, games will provide a pleasant distraction from the harsh realities of the situation — and help pass time without burning excessive calories. For anyone who finds themselves alone in this situation, a deck of playing cards and a game of solitaire could be a lifesaver.
    • Personal hygiene. The simple pleasure of taking a hot bath cannot be overstated here. For one, baths help prevent illness and disease. Second, soaking in a hot bath relaxes muscles and “washes” stress away.
    • Personal space. Following a major disaster, there’s a good chance the survival group will be in close proximity to one another at all times. A close-knit group provides defense and divides the daily chores. However,  without a little alone time or a specific space to call one’s own, tempers can flare — especially when everyone is already stressed out.

The world could become a vastly different place following a cataclysmic disaster. Staying mentally healthy and keeping morale high will increase the odds of survival. Without a strong mind and a sense of hope, even the grittiest survivalist could crumble in a post-collapse environment.

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~Here’s to Your Survival!

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