What’s the First Thing You Should Do if Bitten by a Poisonous Snake?

What’s the First Thing You Should Do if Bitten by a Poisonous Snake?

If You are Bitten by a Poisonous Snake, What should You Do First?

  • Quickly Suck Out the Poison
  • Kill the Snake to Identify It
  • Stay Calm & Restrict Movement
  • TEST
  • Ice & Wrap; Wait for Help

Answer: Stay Calm & Restrict Movement

When people see a snake, one of the first things that comes to mind (besides the fear of getting bitten) is whether it’s poisonous or not. Snakes, like many other creatures, don’t set out to bite humans. They normally lie still and hope they’re not noticed. But once they feel threatened, they will strike until they feel the threat is gone.

Snakes really like summertime. And guess what? So do humans. Snakes will hide in places that are warm, wet and provide shade. I’m sure there are many places around your home that sound perfect.

First Aid & Treatment
So here are a couple of tips and vital information that help if you are bitten by a poisonous (or non-poisonous) snake.

  • Stay calm and don’t panic. When under panic, it will enhance heart rate and would circulate the venom faster in the body.
  • Stop the spread of venom. Bandage the limb firmly, splint and immobilize the bitten area. Keep the hand as close to the level of the heart as possible – this reduces the flow of venom to major areas.
  • Remove any constricting items such as rings or bracelets as the affected area may swell.
  • Try to keep the patient warm. However, no alcohol or hot beverages should be given.
  • TEST
  • Do not allow the victim to eat or to drink water in order to keep metabolism at a low rate. No water No food is the golden rule.
  • Do not cover the bite area and puncture marks. The wound should be gently cleaned with antiseptic.
  • Call 911 or head to the emergency room immediately.

Make yourself familiar with the description of poisonous snakes in the place where you live. Knowing what to look for will make you more prepared.

What You Should Know About Snakebites
Here’s a little bit of information to think about if you or a friend are bitten by a snake.

  • Not all snakes are venomous so every snakebite is not going to result in death.
  • Not all venomous bites are fatal. There are many variables such as the size of the snake, age, i.e.
  • Do not attempt first aid if you don’t know how to do it. It could cause more harm if not done properly.
  • The only cure which is available is anti-venom serum injection.
  • Unknown snakes are potentially dangerous. Avoid any contact with any snakes including those of small size, baby, lethargic, or dead. (A cut off head can keep poisonous activities for several minutes.)

The only remedy for venomous snakebite is the anti-venom serum, which is available at most government hospitals and public health centers. Take all the necessary precautions and get to the hospital as quickly and safely as you can.

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