What to Do When Communications Go Down

What to Do When Communications Go Down

(Modern Survival.org) – If Cellular Communications Go Down, What Inexpensive Back-up Radios Should You Have on Hand?

  • Citizens Band
  • Ham Radio
  • Marine Band

Answer: UHF/VHF. Here’s why…

For most people who live in first-world countries, cell phones have become all but an extension of the body. Smartphones are used to communicate (both over the phone and through social media), access the internet, and accomplish countless other goals. But what would these same people do if their cell phones suddenly became expensive paperweights?

If communication goes down during a SHTF situation, what’s the best course of action?

Know the Options

Citizens Band (CB) Radio consists of short-range, two-way voice communications popular among truckers.

Ham Radio, also known as amateur radio, is a great choice for communication when cell phones go down. Ham radio does have some drawbacks, though, as it requires both training and licensing for safe and legal use.

Marine Band radios are illegal to use on land. However, in the aftermath of a situation capable of knocking out the communications grid, it may be worth the risk. Unfortunately, these devices also tend to be rather pricey, which is another downfall to marine band radios.

UHF/VHF radios are available in personal, hand-held, and multifrequency devices, and are fairly affordable. These radios can dial into a vast number of frequencies, for both scanning and communication. For preppers who don’t want to invest a great deal of time and money into communications gear, these are arguably the best option of those listed.

While it may be tempting to invest in some water-resistant 2-way sports radios, it is likely that the frequencies these operate on will be congested with multiple users during a major emergency. Just consider how many of these units have been sold in the United States alone. They may be great for camping or even hunting, but they will likely fall flat in a major disaster.

Maintaining communication after SHTF will be vital. Not only will it UHF/VHF radios keep you in touch with other members of the survival group, but it will provide a means to scan for potential threats who also happen to be using them.

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