Outdoor First Aid Training – How to Treat a Broken Arm

Outdoor First Aid Training - How to Treat a Broken Arm

(Modern Survival.org) – Accidents and injuries are an unfortunate reality in the world of survival. No matter how prepared a person is, an emergency can hit out of nowhere like a runaway semi. This is precisely why knowing how to treat an injury like a broken arm is a vital skill for survivalists to develop. The ability to treat broken bones can mean the difference between making it out of a bad situation alive or succumbing to the elements.

In the following video from America’s Navy, Jacob Strong demonstrates how to treat a broken arm:

As Jacob explains, a broken arm must be placed in a splint to keep it from moving. The bones within the arm can cause more damage if they’re allowed to move.

To begin splinting the arm, locate two long, hard objects that can be used to stabilize the wound. In the video, Strong uses thick sticks for this purpose.

Place one of the objects on the inside of the arm and the other on the outside, then tie them in place using strips of cloth, twine, or paracord. Don’t tie directly over the elbow joint of the arm. The idea is to get the straps tight enough to hold the splints in place but not so tight as to cut off circulation to the lower arm.

Once the arm is stabilized, check the pulse at the wrist to ensure blood is still circulating. Another option is to press down on a fingernail, causing it to turn white. If blood is flowing unhindered, the nail will return to its natural pinkish color. If a pulse isn’t found, loosen the straps so normal blood flow can resume.

Being prepared to handle an injury in the wild can save a life when help isn’t immediately available. For another situation where being prepared could potentially save a life, check out our article here.

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