Military Hack for Preventing Blisters

How to preventing blisters while hiking

(Modern – What can you do to prevent blisters during a hike or run?

• Wear thin socks

• Wear cotton socks

• Wear pantyhose

• Tighten shoelaces

Answer: Wear Pantyhose. Here’s why…

Developing blisters on your feet can cut short an otherwise enjoyable hike. It can even put your life in danger when facing a survival situation. Marching in formation, moving quietly, or running for your life can be a horrific task, with burning wounds being rubbed raw with each step. Knowing this, the military found a cheap hack to stop blisters before they start.

In the following video. BlackScoutSurvival explains why military members use nylon stockings, otherwise known as pantyhose, to prevent blisters:

According to, blisters form from a variety of factors, such as burns, insect bites, infections, or friction. The reason nylon stockings help is that they act as a second skin on your feet, reducing the friction buildup that would otherwise create blisters.

Not only can the pantyhose help prevent blisters, it also creates a barrier from nasty insects such as chiggers and ticks.

The survival uses for pantyhose don’t end with foot protection. In a pinch, they can be used as an improvised fishing net, or even to filter large particles from water. To see another item you may not immediately think would be useful in a survival situation, click here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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