Improvising Survival Weapons


( – In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster, the need for protection will skyrocket. Looters will be rampant, and people with nefarious intentions will be unleashed without the threat of law enforcement to stop them.

While a firearm is the best protection one could have in a survival situation, there are many ways it could become compromised, lost, or even confiscated. Should that happen, it will be necessary to find or create a new means of self-defense.

That’s exactly why Jeff Anderson from Modern Combat and Survival has provided the following video showing how to create a small “improvised weapons” kit in an Altoids can:

Here’s a list of the items Mr. Anderson suggests for an improvised weapon kit:

  • 550 Paracord for tying items together, or even weaving bowstrings from the inner strands.
  • Multitool containing tools such as a knife, scissors, file, screwdriver, and more.
  • Aluminum wire for fastening times together, such as attaching arrowheads to a shaft.
  • Bowstring to create a DIY bow and arrow kit, or to secure other times together (like a spearhead to a pole, for example).
  • Surgical hose for creating a slingshot but is also great for making a tourniquet.
  • Hose clamps to fasten items down.
  • Duct tape because, as the saying goes, if it can’t be fixed with duct tape, it can’t be fixed.
  • Drill bits to create holes in items for more secure fastening with the aluminum wire.

Not every item Jeff suggests can fit inside the Altoids tin, but the extra bits are common items that can be found in just about any survival pack or everyday carry (EDC) loadout (specifically, the 550 Paracord and the multitool).

Toward the end of the video, Jeff shows a few improvised weapons he was able to create using the kit and some scavenged items. The first is an impact club fashioned from a piece of rebar, a handkerchief, and duct tape.

The second weapon Jeff creates is a “zip gun” using a piece of PVC pipe, the surgical hose, and a hose clamp. The tube creates a guide to fire arrows launched by the hose, similar to how a slingshot operates.

While the examples provided in the video are great, the only limit to what one can create is imagination. For information as to why it’s a good idea to add an improvised weapon kit to your survival gear, take a look at our article that explains just how bad a SHTF scenario could be.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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