How Bad Could a SHTF Scenario Really Be?

How Bad Could a SHTF Scenario Really Be?

Hello Survivalists!

All of us are limited by our own experiences when it comes to our perception, including a SHTF scenario, so it never hurts to consider it from another perspective. Thankfully, the Canadian Prepper points out some pretty unsettling realities many of us never think of.

By examining the human psyche, and our current society as a whole, we can paint a picture of how people will morally degenerate when faced with desperation. Friendly neighbors or not, when reality is altered, so are the morals of the people within it.


As survivalists, we need to be aware of how people will behave in disaster scenarios. Being ready to handle marauders, and to face the darkest aspects of human nature, will be vital to surviving the downfall of society.

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