Important Information About “Deer Warts”


This Condition Looks HORRIBLE – But Is It Dangerous?

(Modern – You’re out hunting when you spot a deer and take your shot. After tracking the animal down to its final resting place, to your horror, you find it has many strange wart-like growths.

Aside from being disturbing to look at, the condition commonly known as “deer warts” can make anyone question eating the meat from an infected animal.

In the following video, Deer and Deer Hunting explores the topic of deer warts, and answers the question from the scenario above: “Is the meat from an infected deer safe to consume?” Warning, the images in this video could be disturbing to some viewers. 

Despite the name, these growths are not actually warts, rather they’re one of three things: a fibroma, a papilloma, or a lipoma. Of the three, papillomas are the most common tumor and can be found on an infected animal by the dozens.

Generally, the tumors are black or gray in color and grow in clusters ranging from the size of a pea to that of a football. In time, these tumors outgrow their blood supply from the animal and will fall off.

Even though they’re caused by a virus, it does not spread to human beings — only from deer to deer. This is good news because it means the meat is safe to eat. When an infected deer is skinned, the tumors come off with the hide, leaving no trace behind.

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