How to Tell if Someone Opened Your Door


(Modern – Which of These Items Can Help You Tell if Someone Opened Your Door?

  • Key
  • Hair
  • Door Knob
  • Penny

Answer: Hair or Penny. Here’s why…

Home invasion is, unfortunately, a very real threat in this day and age. Not everyone can afford high-tech security systems to alert them of an intruder either, as these can be rather expensive. If you’re concerned a burglar is going to break in or just want to know if someone is snooping around your room, there are some low-tech options you can deploy.

Sneaky Little Hair

The first stealthy option to detect an intruder begins with a hair. Create a mark on the doorframe with a pencil, then hold the hair in place on the mark as you shut the door. Should someone open the door, the hair will fall, letting you know they entered your premises. Should the intruder notice the hair, which is unlikely, they may replace it. Having a mark can let you know the hair moved.

This trick can be set up using a piece of string, a scrap of paper, or any other small, hard-to-notice item (such as a penny). The key is to use an item that the intruder is unlikely to spot as they enter.

Tape it Shut

Another option is to place a piece of tape on the closed door, covering a portion of the door itself and the frame. When the door opens, the tape will tear loose, letting you know someone has been snooping around. Clear tape is the best bet here, as it will be harder to detect than a piece of duct tape.

Give it a Boot

This trick involves a spare pair of shoes. Place one shoe a few feet behind the door. As you exit, set the second shoe down behind the door when it is nearly closed. When the door opens, it will push the second shoe into place by the first one, giving the appearance of a naturally placed pair of shoes by the exit. You will know to feel for a shoe as you push the door open. If it’s not there, someone has entered your home.

Before heading out, it’s a good idea to take pictures of each room. This provides a point of reference so you can check to see if anything has been moved or stolen. Should something go missing, you’ll be able to provide proof to the police and insurance agencies.

For more information on how to secure your home from potential invaders, check out our article on Tips and Tools for Securing Your Property.

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